Are you an architect, construction manager, or building manager who uses plans on a daily basis? With Adok, no more paper. You can project a plan, for several people to work around it, save your annotations and share the result in a few clicks. Adoke, Smart Projector can convert any surfaces into the interface to work and perform. Adok is a concrete solution for construction professionals.

  • Smart projector & touch system
  • Digital whiteboard & Onboard PC
  • Ultime tool for plan review
  • The lightweight, portable device
  • Ensure real-time monitoring
  • Designed & manufactured in France
Touch Projector

Any surface becomes your giant touch screen. Responsive and intelligent: it's the magic of computer vision

Webcam, Microphone, Speaker

Everything you need for hybrid working and the new organisation of your company. HD Cam, Speaker Mono 3W & Microphone are available.


Mobility and flexibility for freedom. This is the Gemba philosophy, applied to your business tool. Batter 87Wh, Charger 19V-4.75A and Autonomy: 2hr.


Your Tactile Hub integrated with your information systems, available on the network and gives you access to your corporate cloud services. Wifi, Bluetooth & 2 usb 3.0 ports


Portability is at the heart of our philosophy. 30cm x 12cm x 8cm & 2.5kg


Whatever your favourite App, it is compatible with Adok, the Tactile Hub. Salesforce, Zoom, office, PlanSwift & Autodesk etc.

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