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Green Figure Technique

About Us

   Green Figure Technique, headquartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, is one of the leading business companies in the Middle East.  Since its inception, the members have worked very hard to reach the status it has today.

 Green Figure Technique is now a completely successful business company and is still growing rapidly with visions  to serve better and wider..

  Green Figure Technique caters to the requirements of not just the local market but the entire GCC and the Middle East markets.

 Green Figure Technique has ventured its business in the field of Engineering & Information Technology. 

 Green Figure Technique earned its reputation by delivering quality products and excellent service to their clients.


PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software calculates everything you need. With PlanSwift you will be able to start your takeoff as soon as you hear about the job. No more waiting for prints or plots from the Architect or Engineers.

You are finished in a fraction of the time it used to take and your accuracy will improve using PlanSwift. How is this possible? With PlanSwifttakeoff software, you start by downloading the electronic blueprints directly from the planroom or practically any other digital plan right into the software.

Then you immediately begin your calculations by pointing & clicking on-screen! No digitizer needed (you can still use one with our software if you wish). * We also import almost any other file type: Excel, CAD file, a Plan file, a PDF, a JPG


RTC is a comprehensive software that aims to professionally facilitate and simplify the process of cost estimating construction projects.

 Traditionally, Project estimation is a lengthy time consuming process and subject to errors and thus requires lots of controls and reviews. The pain is even increased by not having standard methodology and libraries that could be shared across an organization and teams.

 RTC helps to resolve those issues and make the estimation process efficient and effective. It provides standard libraries of resources and activities, on the spot calculation of project price, simulation capabilities and much more.


GstarCAD, the CAD platform solution works simple, works flawlessly. Take full advantage of unlimited design possibilities with more valuable features, reliable .dwg-compatibility, open APIs and ease-of-use, which hasten not only workflow but also your revenue!

GstarCAD new features are meant to work simple and flawlessly when creating documentation, detailing, or even sharing drawing data to accomplish your design. Three important drafting solutions combined with a collaborative capability and innovative features is what this version offers to any CAD user.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Barcode & QR Code
  • Commands Enhancements
  • User Interface Enhancement
  • Cloud Storage
  • Barcode & QR Code
  • Commands Enhancements
  • User Interface Enhancement



PDF2XL Enterprise is our premium edition that allows you to convert almost anything to Excel so you can continue working and not worry about endless hours of manual retyping.

PDF2XL Enterprise has all the best features from our Basic and OCR editions, so you can the best of the best like:

Convert ANYTHING to PDF2XL with a virtual printer

PDF2XL Enterprise adds our CogniView Virtual Printer to your computer so you can send anything that you can print directly into PDF2XL Enterprise for processing – images, web sites, proprietary software, third-party software and more.

Convert Scanned PDF file with error correction control

PDF2XL Enterprise supports scanned and image based PDF files and gives you a simple to use interface to control OCR corrections when necessary. Sometimes even a computer needs to make sure the letter ‘O’ is not the number zero

Convert JPG, BMP, PNG and other image formats with error correction control

With our built-in OCR technology and error correction control, PDF2XL Enterprise also supports full conversion for standard image files so you can convert your existing image library.

Convert long PDF files by applying a “Single Page Structure” to multiple pages

By re-applying a single “page structure”, PDF2XL allows you to convert PDF files of any size.

Supports scanning directly into Excel

PDF2XL Enterprise allows you to streamline your workflow and scan your documents (Faxes, Printed Reports, Letters and Much More) directly into the software for quick conversion so you don’t need to worry about handling more than one scanner software

save time and convert up to 500 pages per minute

PDF2XL allows you to convert multiple pages and multiple documents at a speed of up to 500 pages per minute, which means that even the longest files and batch directories will be converted in minutes.

Convert scanned documents in over 30 languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and more – PDF2XL OCR includes over 30 OCR dictionaries to ensure that scanned text is converted accurately in your local language

Extract data from almost any type of PDF

Documents with different tables on different pages, documents with several tables on a single page, rotated pages, PDFs with tiny or unreadable fonts, PDF documents with a combination of fields and tables, and dozens other types of PDFs

Multilingual User Interface

PDF2XL Enterprise User Interface (UI) is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French and Dutch, making it easy for you to use PDF2XL Enterprise in your native language.

Use your PDF data in a variety of applications

Aside from Excel, PDF2XL will extract the data to a CSV file (comma separated values) so that it can be uploaded into other applications. You can also export data directly into Microsoft Word, copy it to the clipboard, and to other formats.

And Much More

For Example, PDF2XL allows you to use “layouts” you created for one PDF document to instantly convert other (similar) documents. PDF2XL also allows you to work efficiently by using over 20 “little” productivity features.


TrioERP will integrate all your business processes together with easy collaboration, increase productivity by empowering your team to monitor and control thier daily work and allow imediate decision-making

TrioERP has more than 10 Modules built with the international and best practice standard

TrioERP comprehensive ERP application built on the top of TrioBase technology and it serves small to enterprise industries

TrioBase is the new generation of business development languages, The scalability and flexibility of TrioBase® allow companies to build application/s in very short time

Fully integrated with Microsoft Applications

Dimensional Data View (Grid, Pivot, Chart)

Exportable Reports

Report and Dashboard Designer

Multi - legal entities and sites

SMS & Email batches and notifications

Outstanding reporting & analytical tools & generate all statistics 

Fully customizable, configurable to your needs & identity Historical information for all processes


  • Financial Management  Control your assets, cash flow, and accounting
  • Supply-Chain Operations Management Streamline your purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and sales order processing
  • Customer Relationship Management Prospect management, Opportunity and Improve customer service
  • Project Management Get what you need to deliver work on time and on budget with better billing and project monitoring
  • Human Resources Management Manage you employee data and self-service process along with interactive workflow
  • Retail Management Rich retail functionality with with on-line ERP posting


Construction Information Management System (CIMS) is a comprehensive, highly integrated, modularized, customizable and user-friendly solution. It ideally addresses those organizations engaged in construction projects and businesses. Owing to its highly customizable feature, CIMS enables easy, quick, and convenient configuration and implementation. All the while, reducing the cost of implementation, and the time to gain benefits in terms of productivity and profitability.


CIMS  has been tested and implemented successfully with many leading construction companies in India, UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA and Indonesia.


Real Estate, MEP, Construction Management, PMC's (Project Management Companies) & Infrastructure Companies (Road Developers, Power Plant Construction) an leverage the power of CIMS ERP to streamline their operations and optimize their business process.


CIMS Modules

  • Tender Management
  • Billing & Monitoring
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • Accepted Cost Estimation (Planning)
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Human Resource

Key Features


MULTI-LOCATION - Track your activities and control the information within internal and external organizations.


MULTI-CURRENCY - Enables you to work with your base currency and have option to deal with multiple currency.


SUPPLIER PORTAL (Self-Help) - CIMS facilities suppliers to quote with unique login in supplier portal.


EMPLOYEE PORTAL (Self-Help) - It enables employees to transact with HR office to access their personal record and payroll details.


MOBILE APPS - .We help you to carry your business along with you. Our mobile application will help you to view your whole business operations in handy gadgets.


WORKFLOW CONFIGURATION - CIMS provides flexibility and provision to define your own process and rules.


DASHBOARD - Get graphical track of progress across your company/projects.


ALERTS - CIMS ERP provides instant information regarding your business operations through SMS/ E-Mail.


ATTACHMENTS - For any transaction CIMS gives room for attachment of support files.


INTEGRATION – MS-PROJECT / PRIMAVERA - CIMS seamlessly integrate with MS project/Primavera for project scheduling.


REPORTS EXPORT TO EXCEL/ PDF - Any reports in CIMS can be exported to excel /PDF.


DRILL DOWN FACILITY - We provide drilling down of database through hierarchy base. This will help to access the information very quickly and it helps to organize the data in a particular format.


INAXUS is a hybrid construction management system that lays out a platform for all project critical processes and functions in each project phase: Concept, Design, Tender, Award, Construction and Operations.

INAXUS provides a simple but an outstandingly well-defined construction collaboration platform that we describe as “the key solution to the challenging industries of today”.


Features and Modules














Quantity Surveying

Our quantity surveying service is the first turn key smart quantity surveying with smart BOQ generation, smart calculation error detection, we provide with the aid of:

-  Our ( Easy Tender ) Software.

-  Fully integrated solution with Excel – AutoCAD.

-  Premavera- MS project links all project items document minimize change time and maximize efficiency .

Pre Tender Quantity Surveying

We create professional B.O.Q according to the international methods of measurement No mistakes no copy paste no typing and no missing of items. Quantity takeoff documented in well arranged forms that can be checked and reported

Tendering Stage Quantity Surveying

Rather than quantity detailed information provided that helps in pricing the project according to the actual calculated quantities which enables the estimator to price the items according to it is actual weight in the

project through ( Easy Tender ) software which is running in significant consultant and contracting companies the original B.O.Q can be imported and the calculated data can be exported to the same original excel file. The output provided with the detailed calculations that helps in case of winning the tender

Cost Control

Provide the reference data (Activity Based Cost)

Which enables the site engineer to report to the project manager the actual data that helps to control the cost of the project based on specific detailed activities rather than the general project activities

Implementation Stage

The Key of our services is to invest previous efforts, the calculation effort that spend in tendering stage will form the base to build on the detailed calculations needed for implementation purposes where the benefits can be summarized as:

- Invest the Efforts from Tendering Stage

- Helpful in Assigning Exact Resources to Activities in Estimating Process

- Helpful in Procurement Process

- Provides the Planner with the Key Resource of his work

( the Quantity of the Activity where it will be Implemented )

- Preparing Interim Payments

- Value Engineering

- Control of the Variation Orders

- Cost Control


We offer BIM service for Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical, Through our high educated talented experienced engineers.


BIM is the glue that holds design and construction together by a doubt group of processes to create and manage all of the information on a project – before, during and after construction. The output of this process is the Building Information Model, the digital description of every aspect of the built asset.


Main Benefits To help firms in diverse industries operate more productively, produce higher-quality work, attract more talent, and win new business. With a rising number of government and commercial organizations mandating BIM, now is the time to consider implementing BIM at your firm.


 Our Services:


- 3D BIM Modeling.


- Constructability and Clash Control.

- 4D/ 5D Scheduling and Cost Simulation.

- BIM Oriented Project Management.

- BIM Implementation Advisory.


Contact Us

Dubai Office
Address : Diera - Dubai - UAE
Email : info@gftsys.com
Phone : +971 50 432 2015     Mobile : +971 50 1900 646